Dear Lovers of Khwaja Garib Nawaz

During Chhati Sharif This is to inform everybody in the world, that this is the occasion were everybody is invited to unite & show the love & affection between themselves & Khwaja Baba.
(Tilawat-e-Quran Paak, Milad Sharif, Ayat-e-Karima, Bissmilah Sharif, Darood-o-Salam, Yasin Sharif)
This is to inform you that on every 6th of lunar month the Niyaz of Hazrat Khwaja Syed Moinuddin Chishty (R.A.) "Gharib Nawaz" is being held.
First thing in the morning at around 9:00 am were thousands of devotees of khwaja baba. (R.A.) gathers together & represent themselves towards Dargah Sharif & pay there respect & Pray the Salaat-O-Salaam &. After Darood -0-Salam  the food is served to all over Dargah Sharif of Kwaja Baba which is in form of Niyaz & Langar;  Niaz & Langer is taken part from those people who are the members & according to their capacity  they intend to take part every month.  We also will be starting CHHATI SHARIF here in Leicester with everybodys support & expecting that CHHATI SHARIF goes on ever with your respect.
It would be nice that we all play part in good deeds & take part to become member & help everybody which will be a great reward for here & hereafter; As in todays world people are more busy earning for the world & forgetting ALLAH PAAKS home to which we all have to return.  This is the greatest way to earn "Pardise". So please kindly take part.  THANKYOU.

Member Ship Forms are available here in England;  We are based here in Leicester where you can send your Niaz, Langer, Quran khani, Yashin Khatam of 41x, Sawa Lakh Darood Sharif, Sawa Lakh Ayate- Karim, Sawa lakh Bismillah Sharif, Sawalakh Nade Ali, prayers for members who passed away (died) etc.  This is mainly for people are working don't have time to pray.   All this prayers would help to benefit spiritually, if you have any problems, any diseases, any dangers, any troubles, etc, etc. these prayers would really help, with good faith.  (ameen).


If you want to take part in above mention prayers you may call us personally or Register us by Cheque, by Postle Orders, or easy way by account in uk.


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