Why Delay On Problems & Miseries
Spiritual Healer
With all Duas & Salams.  I am informing you how in today's modern world people are very unhappy, constantly worrying when there is Almighty Allah Paak to take care of everything.  Today people are suffering from anxiety, depression, not have enough income, bad eyes, enemies, not having children, If you've got children who don't listen; have no respect etc; every husband & wife & family don't have unity or love among themselves.

Kwaja Garib-e-Nawaz (R.A) Dargah is the place where the door is open for every culture, rich or poor, basically for every human nature  to come & Heal there  life by having faith & performing the necessary Prayers,  Niaz etc.  If you have personal problem, income problem, any kind of pain, worries, no ways, evil spirit (nazar), black magic, etc;  Khwaja Garib-E-Nawaz is a worldy wide known to be greatest Spiritual Healler mainly because of his hard work & sent by the holy Prophet Mohammed S.A.W.  Every faithfull person by the grace of Almighty Allah Paak & Kwaja Baba has been fulfeeled with there hearty desires. (ameen).

Gaddi Nashin Shah Saheb Ajmer I'm known as here in England; please contact on this number 0044-7535248749  if you desire any work regarding Darbar-E-Garib Nawaz where we arrange Tawizs, Amal Wazayif,  where 40 people sit down in Darbar-E-Garib Nawaz  for 40 days or 21 days or 11days according to your wish where they pray for your hearty desires & solving your problem. 

In addition special taburukat is sent to you from Darbar-E-Garib Nawaz.
Please kindly inform people who are having problems such as your relatives, friends,etc.  Please do not hesitate to contact me on above phone number & my         email id is [email protected]  For more information regarding  Darbar-E-Garib Nawaz please kindly visit our Website & explore. www.garibnawaz.co.uk

Give my salams to all at home.
Yours Trully   Gaddi Nashin  Shah Saheb

p.s.  For 800 years our ancestors have been the spiritual healers & it is held confidentially & privately for every individual.
Pps  Please kindly note people who charge for Tawizs, & wrong information etc please beware because people who charge for these things it want be effective.  And it is forbidden by Almighty Allah. 
Please Contact Shah Saheb on this no 0044-7535248749 please visit our website www.garibnawaz.co.uk  

All the prayers help you to protect you from black magic (Jadu), Enemies and Solves all the problems full feels all your hearty desires. (Ameen)

                         1.KHATAM-E-QURAN PAAK        2.KHATAM-E-YASIN SHARIF           3.KHATAM-E-KHWAJGAN        4.KHATAM-E-GHAUSIA                                                  5.SAVA LAHK KHATAM-E-AYATEY KARIM        6.SAVA LAKH KHATAM-E-DARUD SHARIF

Contact Gaddi Nashin Shah Saheb  0044-7535248749
Message For All Devotees Please Beware OF Fake People,, If you have any queries or information on relating to Holy Shrine and about any of your problems please contact and consult with Gaddi nashin Shah Saheb and ask for free spiritual healing he would be much obliged and happy to help you .Contact Shah Saheb on this  Number: 0044-7535248749
If you are facing a problem's  You Need
To Call Dargah Sharif  Caretaker
(Shah Saheb) Contact on This
No 0044-7535248749

You Can Solve All Your Problems
Shah Saheb Are Doing Some Wazaif
in the Holy Shrine & (Praying All Devotees)
We Will Do Protection For You on
Your Request and Through The Belessing of
Hazrat Khwaja Garib Nawaz (R.A) we will say
prayers for your protection against everthin (Ameen)
You Can Solve Your Problem's Only One Call
Shah Saheb Praying For All Devotees
Darbar Khwaja Garib Nawaz (R.A) is incharge of syed  Khadim community we are the (Carer's) khidmat gaar who helps people with spiritual help any wishes made in darbar sharif we intened to full fill that we are the only once who is allowed to do  this
In Darbar-e-Garib Nawaz (R.A) p.s.  For 800 years our ancestors have been the spiritual healers & it is held confidentially & privately for every individual. Yours Trully   Gaddi Nashin  Shah Saheb Contact 0044 - 7535248749

Please kindly note people who charge for Tawizs, & giving wrong information etc, please beware of these people beacuse who charges for these things, it want be effective.  And it is forbidden by Almighty Allah
Shah Saheb Praying
Respect to all Relegion